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Small - Serves 10 to 12
Large - Serves 15-20

Black Forest
Rich chocolate cake lightly moistened with cherry flavor; covered with pure whipped cream and chocolate wedges and has a cherry filling

Gold cake filled with strawberry filling, decorated with strawberry mousse and studded with pure chocolate wedges

Lady Lasalle
A chocolate topping, raspberry filled torte, topped with chocolate cherries and garnished with ladyfingers

Pineapple filled gold cake with pirouettes and chocolate wedges imbedded in whipped cream

Four layers of gold cake with strawberry and chocolate mousse inside, and covered with whipped cream; tTopped with pirouette cookies and cherries

A thick layer of brownie and two layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate syrup and chocolate mousse; topped with chocolate mousse and chocolate wedges

This torte has 2 layers of gold cake & 2 layers of chocolate cake, drenched with Kahlua and topped with a mocha mousse

Double Chocolate
Inside, four layers of chocolate cake drenched with chocolate syrup. The cake is finished with chocolate mousse and an arrangement of chocolate triangles

Chocolate cake with raspberry filling covered with chocolate mousse and chocolate dipped cherries on top

Holiday Tortes
Small - Serves 10-12
Large - Serves 15-20

Chocolate Holiday Torte
A torte filled with raspberry filling, chocolate mousse and covered with whipped cream; decorated for the holiday

Gold Holiday Torte
A Torte filled with strawberry filling, chocolate mousse and covered with whipped cream; decorated for the holiday

Sweetheart Torte
This torte has chocolate cake, raspberry filling and raspberry mousse and is topped with Dutch Vanilla Cream; decorated for Valentine's Day



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